Andel’s Berlin is located in East Berlin, but gives a very modern look, with designer rooms, environmental awareness, and 557 rooms.

Getting there

Andel’s Berlin is located on the main avenue Landsberger Allee and is easy to reach by car. From the Berliner Ring is just straight ahead. In addition, the hotel has a superb underground garage (550 spaces) just below the hotel that is well worth the € 15 it costs per day.


Tram stop at Landsberger Allee.

With public transportation, it’s also no problem to reach the hotel. 250 meters from the Andel’s Berlin is the tram station, Landsberger Allee, with only 6 stops to Alexanderplatz. On the way, there is the possibility to switch to other modes of transport depending on where to.


Parking garage.


The reception area is gigantic. No risk of congestion either on the floor or at the check-in counter. The staff at the counter gives an impersonal impression as it usually is in hotels of similar size. The check-in is fast. The parking is paid separately in the vending machine downstairs.andels-berlin-3


The rooms are the characteristics of Andel’s Berlin. The design is sharp edges, but calm colors, pretty dark one, with sometimes a splash of color in the center. Stylish and somewhat minimalist, without sterile feeling. The rooms have good coverage for Wifi (included in the room rate).

The view is either the street or the courtyard which is a square in the center of the hotel.


Sterile with large surfaces. Much glass. Both bath and shower. Nothing to complain about.


Standard breakfast as you can expect at a four-star hotel. A Fairly well-stocked assortment of pastries.blank


You can get a good view of the eastern part of Berlin from its sky bar. The prices of drinks are comparable to Swedish prices, that is pretty expensive to be in Germany.


View from sky bar.


We tried the Italian restaurant at the hotel and ordered a main course. What was served was not much more than two arugula leaves and a few pasta pieces. No can be measured by just taking the main course here.


If you want a standard equivalent to a four-star hotel is Andel’s Berlin an affordable option. It is a large hotel with 557 rooms and is therefore also a wide selection of restaurants, shops, and other services. The hotel is relatively close to the city center by taxi or tram. It takes no time. If you choose a three-star hotel in Berlin, count the rates to around 25 Euros per night. When we visited the hotel it cost approximately 60 Euros per night including breakfast and Wifi.

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