300 different breweries in the region don’t sound wrong? Welcome to the German countryside Franconia in Bavaria which is today’s travel advice!

Franken is located north of the State of Bavaria and consists of Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia and Lower Franconia, and largest city, Nuremberg.

Most famous is, of course, the area for all breweries that are essentially local. This contributes to a very familiar atmosphere of the tours organized for wine tasting.

Smokey beer called “rauschbier” is popular. Schlenkerla is the most famous and is considered by many to be the tastiest.

Around the Main river is wine district, known in German as Weinbaugebiet Franconia. From here, a large amount of German wine is produced. The grapes used is usually Silvaner, Riesling and Müller-Thargau. As a nice bonus for wine packaged in Franken, is the so-called Bocksbeutel. That is a low, squat bottle.

If you’re hungry, then the local delicacies in handy. Sausages such as Nürnberger Bratwurst, cheese, fish, and cake Lebkuchen is what inhabitants of Franken happily eat.

If you have the roads through northern Bavaria do not hesitate to stop in Franconia.