It is easy to believe that Russians only drinking vodka, but there are actually a bit more to discover. Let us get a little insight into what is popular alcoholic beverages in Russia.

The vodka in the first place

Vodka is the Russians first choice and will probably always be. The vodka should be clean and well chilled. The Russians like to have a little something to snack such as pickles. Russian Standard, Stolichnaya, and Moskovskaya vodka are the most common varieties. Of course, you should try some of the several hundred other varieties if you are in place in Russia. In a regular grocery store, you can easily find a score of different vodkas.

If you are a dinner guest in Russia, do not be surprised if vodka is served with meals. The most common alcohol content of vodka is 40 percent, and the vodka is completely chemically pure as a purification process called Mendeleyev law. Mendeleyev was a chemist. However, it’s considered that the perfect percentage is 38 percent, but in the end, it’s probably a matter of taste.

Russian beer

In terms of the number of gallons sold it’s actually the beer that sales best. Russian beer costs from 40 Euro cent and in bars around 2 Euros. Unlike in Sweden, it is not unusual that beer is sold in 1.5-liter bottles. Baltika and Nevskoe are the most popular brands.

Russian champagne

Russia also produces “champagne” (sparkling wine) and for 3 Euros you will find a bottle Sovetskaye Champanskoe which is an excellent sparkling wine at an excellent price. However, it goes obviously not compare with the finer French sorts.

Russian wine

Russia is not a major wine producer, but three areas exist where wine is made; the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Sea of Azov. Russian wine is so far no big export commodity – vodka dominates.

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