Berlin is to the area one of Europe’s largest cities. Locating the heart of Berlin is not easy, but Potsdamer Platz may be one of Berlin’s hearts. Here is the pulse high, around the clock. It is hard to believe that this place was completely deserted during the grimmest years of Cold War. The Berlin Wall was passing right here.

The first traffic light in Europe

Potsdamer Platz has always been a place of importance. Siemens built at the big intersection Europe’s first traffic light. Today there is a copy of the original at the same place.

The reason for placing the first traffic light here was that already in the 1920s the Potsdamer Platz was the place in Europe that had the busiest traffic. Before the Second World War broke out, the Potsdamer Platz was Berlin’s most important block of the entertainment industry.

Today skyscrapers is a symbol of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, which otherwise is a city with fairly low buildings.Potzdamer-platz-berlin-3

Public transport

Potsdamer Platz is easy to find. There are two stations. One for metro and one for S-Bahn (rail). The lines that stop here is U2, S1, S2, and S25. The station entrance is marked with U for U-Bahn (underground) and S for Stadtbahn (street circuit).

Cinema paradise

In the middle of Potsdamer Platz, Sony has its European headquarters. Here is a paradise for movie buffs. It offers 40 movie theaters that every day is visited by 70,000 people.Potzdamer-platz-berlin-4

A deserted place

During the Cold War, Potsdamer Platz was a deserted spot where the Berlin Wall separated the square. Most of the buildings around the square were destroyed during the Second World War bombing raids. Left was just rubble which was transported away and replaced by the Berlin Wall, barbed wire and watchtowers.

New time

When the Wall fell, the square was divided into four parts that were announced for commercial interests. The transformation began immediately. HyperModern architecture and gleaming skyscrapers were built and during a few years, this was Europe’s largest construction site.Potzdamer-platz-berlin-5

Old Traces

The only things that remind about the early history of the Potsdamer Platz are the traffic light and the metro station which is restored to its original condition.