Driving in winter is associated with risks, but with these tips, you increase the chance of avoiding accidents.

Before you drive


Winter could be beautiful but dangerous.

Tell someone you know the route

An SMS or E-mail is enough. Should you become unreachable, they can still know where to look.

Invest in good tires on the car

Ice and slush may occur. The tires should never be compromised as it concerns you and your family’s safety.

Take no shortcuts

Sticking to the major roads increases the chance of getting assistance.

Do not overestimate the car 4WD

Many new cars are sold with four-wheel drive, but there is no guarantee of accessibility.

Don’t drive to fast

It is not worth the risk of driving too fast on unknown and slippery roads. The rented cottage will still be left if you get an hour late.

Winter outfit of the car

Depending on where you are so different list something, but basically the same for a long drive in the winter.

  • Snow chains, if there is really much snow.
  • Folding shovel for snow and chopping away ice.
  • Spare wheel, or a good repair kit with a compressor.
  • Warning triangle, reflective vest. These should always be in the car.
  • Water and something to eat if the aid is delaying.
  • Blankets, for the reason above. Has many more uses.
  • Snowbrush.
  • Ice scraper.
  • A fairly new towbar. One too old can burst at load.
  • Gloves, warm. Avoid gloves with only a layer of cotton.
  • First aid kit.
  • Additional fuel. You can not cut 0.5 dl / 10 km in demanding driving.


Prepere-Your-Car-For-Winter-3Stuck in snow

If the accident is present, it will be easier to handle if you have the equipment mentioned earlier. When waiting for the help to arrive there are some advices that make the situation easier.

Stay at the car

In a winter landscape, the car is the best protection you can get. In addition, it is isolated. If you have told someone about the route, the person knows which car to be searched for. If you have enough fuel, your car stays hot and dry.

Forget about cosmetic damage to the car

Do not investigate if the paint is scratched and so on. Instead, check if the exhaust pipe is intact, the fuel tank isn’t cracked and the fuel hoses do not appear to leak. If it smells like gas, the car is no longer a safe place.

Avoid getting hit

If a car has driven off the road in a curve, the next can also do that. Mark your car and yourself clearly so nobody gets into you.

Check that the ventilation is free

Check that the car’s air intake, engine, and the exhaust pipe is not clogged with ice or snow. If the car cannot breathe, you will not be able to breathe. On most cars, the air intakes are placed below the windshield.

Use the shovel to dig a gap around the car.

Turn off the air conditioner

The air conditioning requires additional fuel to work. Turn it off and the fuel lasts longer. Therefore, do not use the automatic climate control in your car if you have such.

Pay attention

Do you feel dizzy, drowsy, headache or nausea? Get out of the car. Probably the oxygen level is too low inside the car.

Have a nice trip!