The legendary hotel Kyjev in Bratislava doesn’t exist anymore. Now only memories remain among those who were looking for cheap and low-standard hotels in Bratislava.

Bratislava is inexpensive. A beer for 1 Euro, or hotel night for 15 Euro? An era has passed by. Hotel Kyjev is gone. This is how we remember the Hotel Kyjev.Hotel-Kyjev-In-Bratislava-2

A prime example of Soviet architecture

For 40 years there was standing there. Many times engaged travelers stood outside and looked up towards the sixteen-story concrete building and its 175 rooms – a prime example of communist architecture.

Hotel Kyjev (pronounced Kiev), experienced much during its 40 years of faithful service. The first visitors were most Soviet government officials. Even capitalist travelers from the West were housed here. KGB had its own office in the building, but later it was instead a response to the totally impoverished backpackers who sought shelter.


The rooms were in true communist spirit with the same”standard”.

Maybe it’s hard to put a finger on what made the hotel Kyjev to a treasured memory of so many travelers. The demolition was discussed extensively in 2012, but now was a time when glass buildings were considered more beautiful than concrete blocks.Hotel-Kyjev-In-Bratislava-4

Was it the paper-thin walls, where you were involuntarily circumspect about how other customers digestive system worked? Or the giant hotel lobby where you felt like the least in the world? The reported cases of vermin in their beds? There are probably as many opinions as the hotel had guests.


But the view was absolutely amazing.

Now the whole hotel including the neighborhood around the demolished. It was different in 1970 when it was finished. This was the future!


Both concrete and a landmark.

Hotel Kyjev was never renovated. Every centimeter smelled history. And don’t forget the bullet holes in the door to room 1212, but that’s another story.