Norway is famous for cozy and picturesque towns and villages and Røros is no exception! Visit the city of wooden buildings and interesting copper mining industry in a journey of hundreds of years in history.

roros-norway-2The town of Røros has only 3,865 inhabitants but all the more tourists. Here they come to see the around 80 amazingly beautiful wooden houses, that reminding about medieval times. What’s interesting with these old wooden houses, is those regular people still live and work inside them. They aren’t a part of any museum or preservation project – They are just used and preserved by people themself.


Along the main street.

Røros is a very old city. Founded in 1646, but burnt to the ground in 1678 and 1679 – By the Swedish army. Since the town with its mine is rich in copper, even later it becomes interesting for the Swedish army to siege.

From 1740 and further, the production of copper went pretty well due to refined technics in the mining industry. The mining industry worked until 1977 and after the main income became tourism.


Houses of former mining workers.

Røros is one of the coldest places in Norway during winter and record temperature is measured to -50,1 degrees celsius.

Sights to see in Røros is mostly connected with the mining industry. Also, two beautiful wooden churches can be visited. The city center is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and the closest bigger cities are Trondheim (Norway) and Östersund (Sweden).


The mine and the city.

Events for tourists in Røros

Except for the beautiful architecture, Røros hosts two events yearly that attract a lot of tourists.

“Rørosmartnan” is a traditional winter market with 60.000-70.000 visitors.roros-norway-6

Also, one musical theatre holds each year to commemorate the tragedy when 3000 Swedish soldiers froze to death in the mountains when retreating from Norway in 1718.roros-norway-7

The best time to visit Røros?

All the year around a visit to Røros is suitable, but if possible, do it in summer or winter. It’s a great feeling to walk around on the small backstreets and find small and unique shops and cafes. There should be good weather for walking. Outside the city, there are good opportunities for fishing and hiking.


The mining district now hosts a stage.

But remember, Noway is expensive. Count that one regular hamburger with french fries costs around 150 NOK and 40 NOK for a can of soda.