Rügen is not only Germany’s largest island but also one of the most beautiful! As a tourist on Rügen, you will experience charming little towns, kilometers of sandy beaches and adorable nature.

To Rügen, you can go by car, train or boat. Ferries are available from, for example, Trelleborg in Sweden. The ferry arrives at the port of Sassnitz which is also one of the larger resorts on the island. Sassnitz itself is beside the Scandlines border shop, not Rügen’s main attraction, and therefore most people continue their journey.

Health Resorts on Rügen

On Rügen, there are several classical health resorts. These are Binz, Sellin, Baabe, and Göhren and are located in line with the coast. Many of the houses have a century-old style inspired by the Mediterranean, but in the GDR, many houses declined.


Beaches of Rügen.

There is a possibility to walk between the resorts. With the reason for the tens of kilometers long beach strips, there is no difficulty in arranging accommodation by the sea. The only exception is when the holiday season in Germany begins, which is in the late summer.

Nature on Rügen

In addition to the stunning sandy beaches, people are attracted to beech forests that cover large parts of the island. In the Jasmund National Park awaits the amazing white limestone cliffs that Rügen is famous for.


The white cliffs on Rügen.

If it’s too messy on Rügen, you can go for a short trip to the neighboring little island of Hiddensee. Here it is quiet and motor vehicles for private use are prohibited.

To do on Rügen

As it should be on a holiday island, Rügen is full of activities for young and old. Examples of this are:

  • Climbing parks are located in Prora, Altefähr, and Bergen.
  • Traveling in the 100-year-old rail cars with locomotive (Rasender) Racing Roland.
  • Hunting castle Granitz with its panoramic view of the whole island.
  • Beaches of course! There are also outdoor gardens, playgrounds, and other activities on the beaches.
  • And if you have a historical interest, don’t miss Hitlers abandoned holiday resort: Prora, the former ghost of Rügen.

    Prora a few years ago.

Accommodation on Rügen

Here it is really just to pick and choose among the hotels. The Seehotel Binz Therme is distinguished by its proximity to the beach as well as being built by an old health-promoting source where the water always keeps 34 degrees. One night costs from 65 euros and upwards.