I want to give you an idea to visit the wonderful national park Saxon Switzerland (GER: Sächsiche Schweiz), located in the corner of Germany which often is overlooked. What do you find here?

saxon-switzerland-germany-4Saxon Switzerland, got its name, in a short explanation from two Swiss artists that visited the area in 1766. They thought that it had plenty of similarites to their homeland, Switzerland, and therefore the name was Saxon Switzerland. Logical right?saxon-switzerland-germany-2

For tourist and climbers, the most important part is the rock formations. They are pretty amazing and are spread over a large area.saxon-switzerland-germany-3

Far below in the valley, the beautiful Elbe makes its way. In Saxon Switzerland can several medieval castles be found. The most remarkable of these is Königstein which is the largest hill fortress in Europe.


Fortress Königstein.

A visit in Saxon Switzerland is perfect in a combination of a visit to Dresden. Even a day tour from Prague is possible. It’s your choice!


Postelwitz, Bad Schandau.