In the deep forest, far from the nearest house, there was an extensive activity during the USSR and East Germany’s existence. Here were Soviet’s nuclear weapons, ready to fire at any time in direction west.


Residential for soldiers.

GSSD Neuthymen was just one of the Soviet bases in the area Fürstenberg / Havel north of Berlin. Here in the forests worked and lived thousands of Soviets on occupied soil, and watched every step that the Western powers did.


This war was won by nature.

Probably had locals in Fürstenberg, which is the nearest town, no idea what preceded 10 kilometers east into the forest. And they probably would not sleep well if it knew that nuclear weapons were ready to fire around the clock.


Everything with value did the Soviet’s bring back home.

In the houses between the trees was the 72nd Engineer Brigade together with relatives stationed in December 1958. When the Cuba crisis began the task of Neuthymen was firing nuclear weapons (R-5M) to targets in England, various US military airfields and major ports at Atlantic Coast.

Neuthymen-germany-5Nuclear weapons are moved

As tensions between East and West released, Sovjiet assembled down the nuclear weapons, and moved them to Kaliningrad (Todays Russia).


The Soviet-produced concrete has a short best-before date. Just hope that not anyone goes down the stairs when it breaks apart.

The reason for this was due to the ballistic developments that have taken place, which meant that the range of the missiles has increased significantly. In the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad nuclear weapons were considered to be better protected.


Not alone.

The nuclear weapons were shipped from Neuthymen during August and September 1959th.


Administrative house.

Until 1994, military activity continued unchanged, with tank units stationed at here. It was also for this purpose, the base was built from the beginning.



What will happen to Neuthymen?

Right now, nothing, it looks like. Germany has begun to demolish the other former Soviet bases, but the work will take many years. The soil is full of old ammunition and poisons. In addition, numerous buildings constructed of concrete. It is estimated that 3% of the GDR’s land area was used by the Soviet military.Neuthymen-germany-10