There is a lot to see in Budapest and the Buda Castle is one of the most popular. It offers a world heritage site since 1987 and stunning views of the city.


The Buda castle by night.

Take the funicular up the hill to the castle. The mountain railroad is a kind of cable-drawn cableway that lets you save on your energy. The energy is needed later when the castle area is almost five square kilometers.



Once on site, there is a very beautiful medieval castle to explore. Since the castle has been an important landmark for many hundreds of years, there are several building styles represented such as Renaissance and Baroque.

Lanc hid - Budapest 3 Febr 1946 Foto Takkk Hungary

Several times the castle has suffered an extensive destruction as shown above (1944). The last time was during World War II. Few thought it would regain its former glory.


Restoration and excavations are still ongoing.

The castle is richly decorated with statues and symbols on the walls. Of course, it has a lot of connection with different kings. Other depicted is from the mythology that existed in the Ottoman Empire.buda-castle-5

Things to see in Budapest is no shortage. It’s difficult to choose what, when the time is often a shortcoming. But Buda Castle should, in any case, be on your list!