CITTI, Easymarked, Scan-Markt and Scandinavian Stop and Shop are some of the shops that selling cheap alcohol in Rostock. Shopping in Rostock is never difficult.

Alcohol shops are relatively easy to find when advertisement can be seen everywhere when driving to or from the ferry port.

The first thing you will see is probably the Scandlines Border Shop. It has everything and some more, but drive a few kilometers to the autobahn and the range becomes much larger.

Scan-Markt has the reputation of being the least expensive and the cheapest whiskey is available for around 6 Euros.

Just as in the rest of Germany they use a system with a deposit fee. That can be avoided in some border shops by filling out an export bill, stating that you will bring the alcohol from Germany.


This is the export declaration, given to the cashier when you pay for avoiding the deposit fee.

By law in Rostock and Germany, stores may not be open on Sundays in addition to three times a year, so make sure not to come on a Sunday.

If you like to visit more varied shops you should look for Hansecenter. It’s located just off the A19. A19 is the autobahn that goes to and from the ferry port. There are several large grocery stores established as Kaufland and Aldi.

As mentioned in previous articles, regular grocery stores can be less expensive than pure liquor stores and border shops. If you do not have time to go to Hansecenter, don’t worry. Only in Rostock, there are 14 Netto stores with good and cheap alcohol. You can easily find a box of wine with three liters for 4,5 Euros.

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