Many Swedes and Norwegians step off the boat in Sassnitz if they travel from Trelleborg. Shopping possibilities for beer, wine and spirits are here somewhat more limited than in Puttgarden, but there should not be any problems.

The difference between Sassnitz and Puttgarden is that Puttgarden is designed as a destination where you go to do shopping, and then go back. In Sassnitz is more for people that are driving through. For them who has only shopping on the “to-do” list so Puttgarden a better option, all days of the week.

Just as in Puttgarden Stena Line has a border shop here. The range is a little small but perfectly adequate for most people. Most people stay here for shopping.

Stena Line’s shop is located directly at the port. You see it both when driving on and off the boat or on the map below.

If you’re not in a hurry, you can instead go to the Bergen or Stralsund, which is also very nice cities, if you feel like a tourist.

In Bergen are the stores Real and Familia. Real you should visit if you are looking for a shop with a large liquor and wine assortment.

If you drive further inwards Rügen (the island Sassnitz is located on), you should watch for signs with “Getränkemarkt”. It’s like supermarkets but with only drinks and is usually the most affordable option with generous opening hours.