Moldova is hardly known for any shopping experiences. Much is traded locally and between private individuals. But there are still some examples.

Moldova has a few shopping centers, mainly in the capital Chisinau. Purchasing power is probably quite weak. Instead, marketplaces are the ones that dominate, or simply shopping directly from someone on the street.


Older women sell vegetables in central Chisinau.

These markets are located in each and every other major location. In the capital is the largest, Piaţa Centrală, and here you will also find the largest supply.

In Eastern Europe, you buy the most in markets. Above all, fresh food, which is both cheaper and better than in food stores. Flowers, clothes, toys, and tools are other examples of products easy to sell.



The largest shopping mall in Chisinau

Malldova” is the largest shopping center in Chisinau. It maintains a western standard, with the usual global supply. Pretty sad if you want to experience something, but if you want to shop fast without running into markets, it’s smooth.


Grand Hall and Shopping Mall.

Other major shopping centers are the “Grand Hall” and “Shopping Mall” “located just west of downtown.

Unexpected shopping opportunities

Along the roads, there is almost congestion with villagers trying to sell something from their garden. They sit at small tables selling vegetables, mushrooms, and berries.

In traffic jams, sellers can tap a little discreetly on the window and offer something.

shopping-moldova-6In restaurants and cafes, it happens that you get something placed on the table. The image shows lighters and pens. If you do not want to buy anything, just let it be and the seller will come after a while and remove it again.