Shopping in Podgorica is great and centralized in a few places. See the biggest shopping malls here.

Shopping in Podgorica is concentrated in a few streets in downtown and two big shopping malls. In the city center, the stores are located around the railway station. Also, the first shopping mall, the Mall of Montenegro, can be found here.


The clothes store “Paradiso” in the city center.

Mall of Montenegro

Mall of Montenegro feels a bit outdated but is still an impressing place. The mall is divided into two sections or three if you count with that Hotel Ramada is built together with the mall.


Mall of Montenegro.

In total, Mall of Montenegro covers an area of 15.000 square meters. The number of visitors is around three million per year. They have most of the common stores that are the same everywhere, which makes me appreciate the other section of the mall.


The section with fresh vegetables and other stuff.

Here, the feeling of an open-air market is more intense. It’s crowded among the sellers of different kitschy things on the upper floor and gentle smells coming from the lower floor which is a large fresh food market.

If you have just a little time to spend in downtown Podgorica and not want to take a cab, head to Mall of Montenegro. If you are in the city center, it will only cost you around 1 € to go there.

Delta City – The biggest shopping mall in Montenegro


Delta city from outside.

The biggest shopping mall (and some also say the first) in Montenegro is Delta City and is located in “City Kvart” to the east of neighborhood “New Town”. From downtown, you can walk here and it will be around 2,5 kilometers. Once in Delta city, you will find in a total of 98 stores, restaurants and services. The parking spaces can be crowded but it’s also possible to park on the side streets in this newly built area.


Playing- and exhibition ground at Delta City.

Compared to Mall of Montenegro’s 15.000 square meters, Delta City has 48.000 square meters and 24.000 square meters are reserved for stores.

The mall feels very modern (opened in the year 2008) and houses some of the world’s most famous brands. The mall is open from 10 am till 10 pm every day. Depending on your view of smoking, stay here can be either possible or negative – It’s allowed to smoke inside the mall in the food court.

Good luck with your shopping in Montenegro!shopping-podgorica-7