Shopping In Szczecin is getting more and more popular. In addition to Poles, large numbers of Germans, Danes, and Swedes travel to Szczecin to shop – often at cheap prices. Follow a visit to the big shopping mall Galeria Kaskada in downtown Szczecin.

Galeria Kaskada is the main shopping center in Szczecin (or Stettin in German). Inside the building, you can find 140 shops in an area of 100 000 m2.Galeria-Kaskada-shopping-Szczecin-8

There are also 1000 parking spaces for easy parking. It happens that I park my car in here even if I have other appointments in central Szczecin because of its availability. The ticket prices are almost regular polish prices too (1 hour for free, 2 hours 2 PLN, 3 hours 3 PLN).Galeria-Kaskada-shopping-Szczecin-19

Galeria Kaskada opened in 2011, already in 1889, a multi-function building for shopping purpose was raised. Stores, cafés, a restaurant and office space could be found in this building at various times. The activity in this street corner lived on until 27 April 1981 when a big fire broke out and 14 people died. The place was relatively untouched until the Galeria Kaskada was ready in 2011.Galeria-Kaskada-shopping-Szczecin-17

The 140 stores offer a great variety and full list of shops can be found here.

Location of Galeria Kaskada

Opening hours

Daily from 9:00-21:00 hrs (Sundays from 10:00-20:00 hrs).


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