A trap that is easy to fall in, is the so-called Radler trap. Radler sounds like a German beer brand and is in appearance like a light beer. But in contrast, no taste!

Someone has pondered and mixed beer with lemon soda, bitterness, and sweetness … An impossible combination for most palates. Radler usually consists of 50% beer and 50% soda or 60% beer and 40% lemonade, but what you get will be so far from a beer you can get.

Radler sold mostly in Germany but also occurs in Switzerland, France, Spain, and Italy. Are you in England and get thirsty, ask for a Shandy which is beer mixed with Sprite.

Radler also occurs in local variations. In Bavaria they mix wheat beer and lemon soda, so look out for it if you visit the Oktoberfest, and don’t not like the combination.

Radler began officially to be sold in stores in 1993 when it became legal to sell pre-mixed alcohol drinks. Before then, Radler-hungry had to mix by themselves.

Something else you may encounter is the drink Diesel. Diesel occurs frequently at festivals around Germany and is a mixture of beer and cola neither taste any of it.

Then there is also “Sausage-water” (in German Wurstwasser) and it’s served mainly in western Germany around the Münsterland. The name comes from the drink which looks like reminiscent of sausage broth. “Sausage-water” is beer mixed with orange soda.

If you want to avoid soft drinks in your beer, you can select Radler Sauer. It’s beer mixed with mineral water.

Try a Radler! You are guaranteed an experience that is either good or bad, and you will become a richer experience.

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