The Soviet victory monument in Berlin is hard to miss. But how many know about its background and secrets? Think about this when you visit Soviet’s biggest victory monument in what would become the world’s capital city.

Along with the street of Strasse des 17 June, two T-34 tanks are standing. This tank model was manufactured in enormous amounts and therefore they are now embellished in most Soviet memorials in Europe.

When you see these, a huge Soviet soldier on a pillar will be revealed. That means you are in Tiergarten. Here is Berlin’s first and largest Soviet victory monument.

In the “world’s capital” center

Berlin was conquered in May 1945. This monument was completed on November 11, 1945. The place was carefully chosen. It was here that Hitler’s architect, Albert Speer, had planned that the theoretical “world capital” Germania should have its centerpiece. Therefore, this place had a great symbol value for the winning forces.

The large-scale soldier statue also stands on a symbolic material. The granite in the pillar comes from what would be “Neues Reichkansli”, the new public office that the years before

Plenty of buried soldiers

Behind the monument is a park. There, 2,200 Soviet soldiers are buried. Common to these is that they died in the raid of the Parliament House, which was the last outpost of the Third Reich.

Exciting discovery shocked everyone

Now it’s really interesting. Not until 1967 it was discovered that the ground under the monument was hollow. Inside the cavities, there were three tunnels between 60 and 220 meters long.

In these, a highway would be placed according to the plan to build a road system without intersections to the city center.

As the end of the Third Reich approached, several gun factories moved into the tunnels to escape bombards. As bombardment increased, Berlin’s weary inhabitants also found the way to the underworld.

During the last days of the war, there was a terrible misery in the underworld. The misery was left until 1967 when they discovered what was under the victory monument …

Find Tiergarten and the Soviet victory monument

The nearest S-Bahn station is Unter den Linden.

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