Spain’s tallest residential building was formerly in Tenerife’s capital, Santa Cruz until 2010. What happened then?

As a symbol of prosperity and the Canary Islands’ economic successes, the twin towers Torres de Santa Cruz pointing skywards. From the year 2004 to 2010, these were Spain’s highest residential building.

The highest building in Spain

Nowadays, the 200 meters high El Imtempo in Madrid is the highest residential building in Spain. Right before the inauguration engineers discovered that they forgot to install the elevator to the twenty top floors. This created funny headlines in the newspapers.

Modern look to Santa Cruz

Julian Valla Deres was the project architect of the design of the Torres de Santa Cruz. He saw the construction as a step to give the Canaries biggest city of Santa Cruz, a more modern and business-like appearance. Santa Cruz, however, is still a fairly gray city, where the proximity to the sea disappears because of the large port area that separates the city from the beach.


They like big apartment blocks in Santa Cruz.

When the towers were completed in 2006, they measured 120 meters in height. The work had been delayed for several years because of the repercussions related to the World Trade Center attack in 2001.