St. Elijah Church in Chernobyl area is still one of several active services in the polluted area. Read some interesting facts about the church here.

St-Elijah-Church-chernobyl-2St. Elijah Church is a very beautiful church located in the heart of the Chernobyl disaster. Some people mention this church as a sacred place because of the amazing low radiation levels compared to the rest of the area. At St. Elijah church, the background radiation is only one-third of the radiation in the capital Kiev. Is that a sign from God or what?St-Elijah-Church-chernobyl-3

Father Nicholas do an excellent work to maintain the church in splendid condition. And of course, if you have the only still running church in the exclusion zone, you want to be proud of it.

The most regular visitors come on Sundays to join the services, and they consist of the few-hundred self-settlers in the zone. During weekdays, you could see workers from the power plant visiting the church.St-Elijah-Church-chernobyl-4

Both outside and inside the church are some beautiful icons of orthodox saints well preserved. A rumor says, that under the floor inside the church, is a bust of Alexander II hidden.

I’m not sure if the church has regular opening hours, but see it from outside is still worth a shortstop.