In Chernobyl, the range of hotels is not so extensive, but now, the first hostel in Chernobyl opens to allow more people to stay in the closed zone. At the beginning of June, the gates were opened in the accommodation, which has so far been considered to be the most comfortable in the area. These are three options for the Chernobyl accommodation.


Monument at the entrance to Chernobyl of the firefighters who were first in place at the nuclear power plant.

There is nothing new to staying in the area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Two hotels or accommodation may be a better word, have been established for a long time.

Hotel Pripyat

One hotel is “Hotel Pripyat”. It is a simple accommodation in the center of Chernobyl on the street Pulupanova. As a guest, you will receive a dry sheet, a soap and a towel. The accommodation does not guarantee hot water. The rooms of the accommodation have three or four beds, which means you should not be sensitive to staying with strangers.

Hotel Desiatka

Also “Hotel Desiatka” is located in the center of Chernobyl. The hotel was renovated in 2014 and is very fresh. “Hotel Desiatka” is the only place I personally stayed in the zone and thought it was perfectly acceptable.


Example of twin beds room.

The rooms are twin or four beds. Shared bathroom applies. Walking distance to some monuments of the disaster. Pretty thin walls with barking dogs at night.


View from the rooms.

There is a small bar in the canteen that opens at 20.00 and has about the same prices as the Chernobyl store.


Dinner time.

The food consists mostly of watery meat soup, but the meals are combined with bread and salad. Certain days are breaded fish served.

Free WiFi is available.

New hostel – Name unknown

The strongest argument in the promotion of this new hostel is the possibility of single rooms. There are 42 rooms that can have a total of 100 guests at a time. The rooms also have showers and free WiFi.

It seems to be run publicly since the first presentation was given by the “state administrator” Svetlana Grishchenko. The first guests came from the United States, New Zealand, and Denmark.

Stay outside the zone

For those who want a higher standard of accommodation, there are about 8 hotels/hostels/holiday villages within 50-60 kilometers radius from Chernobyl.

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