How to avoid an unpleasant encounter with bears.

The attack of a bear

In Europe, most likely is to meet the brown bear. Most of the time, they are shy, but a bear female with kids often reacts aggressively to an experienced threat. Bears are also attracted to communities to search for food among garbage. Bears who are about to go into hibernation can be particularly aggressive and it increases the risk of a bear attack if you interfere.

Inside a city or village, a bear may perceive the situation more threating than in the forest and therefore it is more likely to attack.

Some rules when it’s risky to have a date with a bear.

  • Never run from a bear. Even small bears manage to catch up with a man, and in addition, they can climb trees.
  • Use what you have to defend yourself. There are special sprays against bear attacks (containing chili oil). Otherwise, you can get what’s available. Beat with a stick, throw stones or swing your bag and so on.
  • In the summer, a brown bear needs up to 20,000 calories a day. Be extra careful not to disturb.
  • Do you have food in the forest? Carry it in the closed box or bag. Otherwise, the chance is that you will get an unwelcome company for the picnic. This behavior is common among bear males, who often shadow people with food and then attack. Be prepared.
  • During an attack, never play dead. Continue fighting until the bear gives up.

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