Many wonder how to survive as homeless. It is an uncertain life with constant concern about food, sleep, and health. Here are the tips for practical survival in everyday life for a homeless person.

Find a place to sleep


Everyone wants a warm, dry and safe place to sleep and homeless people are no exception. It can be difficult to meet this when you do not have a proper living. In winter, the difficulty increases further.

The best option is a vehicle. In a car, it is relatively comfortable and safe. You can get a notice if someone tries to intrude. Find a parking where you can park without restrictions, to avoid being driven away.

If the car is in a running condition, you can also charge your mobile, heat and store your belongings. In addition, in the car, it is easy to make it dark for sleeping.

Sheds, roofs, etc.

An involuntary but necessary alternative for homeless people. This is really just a roof over the head. It could also be under a bridge when the season permits.

In other countries, such as the United States, aid agencies make out a kind of shed where many homeless people can sleep for one night.survive-as-homeless-2

When you sleep in something that only gives shelter need to keep track of your belongings. Proposedly, you have your belongings in a rucksack and use it as a pillow.

How do you sleep under the above conditions? There is no specific rule. Unfortunately, many of the users are affected by drugs, which facilitates the night. Even mental disorders are common.

Another risk of sleeping under bridges and the like is that other homeless people may think that the place is “their”.


The lodgings are of course the most attractive option. Here you can also take a shower and get a meal. However, the seats are used directly so you should be prepared for long waiting times.

Staircases are also desirable. Not so popular for the residents of the house, who often call the police. Typically, they have had problems with abusers having been there before.

To sleep in a stairwell, you usually need the code to the gate. You also need to enter as late as possible, but before the code lock is deactivated. It usually is between 9-10pm. Make your sleeping place at the top of the stairs. The likelihood that someone will get up on the attic during the night is minimal.

If you are quiet, you can handle it.

Public buildings

Parking houses, railway stations, and other public places are usually searched by security officers after closure and therefore no safe alternative.

For many homeless people, it is common for a combination of the above accommodations. Also, the summer seasons make things much easier.

Keep the sleeping area hidden

The person who sleeps outdoors must be vigilant. There are several “enemies” that can rob you of your place. The most common are police officers, security guards, and other homeless people.

Keep clean around the camp. It should not seem that someone lives on the spot when you’re not there.

Do not have more things than you can carry. If you were to be chased away, you don’t have to leave the things that are good to have.survive-as-homeless-3

To always have in the gasket

A tarpaulin is a good thing to have in the gasket. It takes no place, is resistant to moisture and can be attached to the strings most of the time.

A tarpaulin is also inexpensive and can be purchased for 2-3 euro in discount stores.

Is it cold, you can wrap up in tarpaulin as an extra layer. From the tarpaulin, you can fold a carrying bag.

In cooler weather, however, a sleeping bag is your dearest property. You can not sleep directly on the ground. To become harmful Hypothermia is easier than you think, especially at night.

Even with a sleeping bag, you have to get up from the ground with its moisture and cold. “Set up” a sleeping area with cartons, old curtains, tablecloths and other items that can be found outside.

Heat for a homeless

Heat is needed both for food and heating of the body. The most common way of producing heat for the one who is completely homeless is to make a fire.

A metal container, just big enough to carry, is perfect to cook in. Make holes at the bottom of the sides to get oxygen to the fire.survive-as-homeless-4

During the day you should collect flammable things before the evening. Materials to look for include cotton jerseys, newspapers, clothes, wood. Keep it dry during the day.

Matches usually are free in the lobby of a hotel.


Keeping decent hygiene helps to blend into “common people”. You will need it.

Many take the opportunity to shower in shelters, but during the warm months is otherwise perfect with a swim. Many larger outdoor pools also have showers on the beach.

The biggest reason to be good-looking and clean is now. This is absolutely no incitement to crime, but the facts about how it works in society.

A fairly unremarkable person, homeless or not, can sneak into the breakfast buffet in a hotel. It’s not possible every time, some require room number. The hunger, however, motivates to test on the next, and next, until it works.

After breakfast, you can wash yourself in the hotel’s toilet with soap and water. You can also discreetly wash clothes and wipe them with the hand dryer on the toilet.survive-as-homeless-5

Baking powder should be in your packing. Baking powder and water work perfectly as toothpaste, and the same combination goes as well as a deodorant.

Keeping hygiene of mouth is important, because the teeth, it is maturing rapidly and is difficult to repair.

Caring for hygiene increases your freedom. It’s easier to seek shelter from bad weather in shopping malls unless you’re dirty.

Clothes worn near the body, such as socks and pantyhose, are good if you have a change.

Always try to keep your feet dry. It’s worth it in the long run. If the socks are wet, change them to the other pair.

Unfortunately, you can not have more replacements of all the clothes in the bag you carry. The reason for that is simply that you will get out of the crowd if you “carry the house with you”. And why you do not want it we have talked about earlier in the text.

Food and water

We have also mentioned breakfast earlier. In a hotel breakfast, there are also often small portions of packaging. They can be saved at the campsite for days when the hunger hurts.

Bakeries, restaurants and others who handle fresh food usually have to throw what’s become old in the evening. Be nice to the staff. Maybe they can sometimes put aside something for you?

Digging into containers for food is now like a lottery. It’s tough competition and it’s about getting there at the right time.survive-as-homeless-6

Otherwise, there is a mushroom kitchen. To take advantage of them, you need to know where and when they take place.

Water is easier than food to get hold of. There is usually drinking water on every public toilet. Bring a bottle and fill.

Maintain mental health

It’s a hell to be homeless. Do not believe anything else. It is a great effort as a human being to meet the needs without clear conditions. Many suffer from depressions that can end in apathy.survive-as-homeless-7

Homeless ones often point out that you have to live for the day. What’s happening tomorrow is insignificant. See instead the little things, such as bread loaf you just found in a dustbin.

As homeless you often get to know other homeless people. There will be a strong community that strengthens the group because of all the trials that are being made. Continuing to be social is therefore important for mental well-being.

Some homeless people still choose to live in loneliness. It may be due to trust problems. Poor people who may have drug problems may be deceived and deceived when you least think so. If you are alone and confident in it, you can relax in another way.

The risk is that you adopt a certain victim mentality homeless. Instead, it is important to look like someone who is only temporarily homeless.

Hope this gave you more insight into how to survive as homeless.