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    Beelitz-Heilstätten – Huge Abandoned Hospital

    In the small town of Beelitz-Heilstätten was is a city within a city. This is now an abandoned hospital site and consists of around 60 major buildings. When this place was in use, it could be housing 12,000 patients at the same time. More

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    Prora: The Ghost Of Rügen

    Prora, the giant concrete colossus standing at the beach on the island of Ruegen living on borrowed time. This huge building should house 20,000 workers and after the holiday they could return to the factories with new energy. This is the history of Prora. More

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    Secret WW2 Bunker In Latvia

    The tracks from World War II can be found in different ways. After some research, I found a secret WW2 bunker of historical value in Latvia. More