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  • de-bier-tempel-brussels

    Legal Drinking Age For Alcohol In Different Countries

    Many wonder about the legal drinking age for purchasing alcohol and consuming alcohol in different countries. This article will sort out your concerns about age limits for alcohol in different countries. More

  • border-shop-puttgarden

    Alcohol Shops In Puttgarden – Cheap Border Shops

    Most Swedes travel to Germany by ferry via Vogelfluglinie. Puttgarden in itself is a small village with 200 inhabitants. Each day thirsty Scandinavians invading the village by ferries. Here is a summary of shopping options, the so-called border shops near Puttgarden. More

  • drink-and-drive

    Blood Alcohol Limit In Germany

    Some call it freedom, but in Germany, you can actually take a beer with your meal and still drive legally. So here’s the alcohol limit in Germany. More

  • fernet-branca

    Fernet is Folk Remedy For Stomach Ache

    Fernet is a spirit which originated in Milan in Italy and is classified as bitter. What distinguishes Fernet is the great mixture of different spices and herbs in the drink. More

  • cure-hangover

    Cure Hangover – The Best Hints

    The best way to avoid or cure a hangover is to prevent it, or not drink at all, but it’s not always that easy. Here are some tips to eliminate och relieve hangovers. More

  • boxes-of-beer

    Customs Regulations For Alcohol In The European Union

    It can be tricky to keep track of all the numbers mentioned in the case of customs rules. We explain the concepts in plain language when bringing alcohol from another EU country, for example, Germany or Denmark. More

  • bordershop-sassnitz

    Shopping Beer And Wine In Sassnitz

    Many Swedes and Norwegians step off the boat in Sassnitz if they travel from Trelleborg. Shopping possibilities for beer, wine and spirits are here somewhat more limited than in Puttgarden, but there should not be any problems. More

  • rostock-alcohol-shopping

    Shopping Alcohol Beverages In Rostock

    CITTI, Easymarked, Scan-Markt and Scandinavian Stop and Shop are some of the shops that selling cheap alcohol in Rostock. Shopping in Rostock is never difficult. More

  • law

    The Alcohol Law In Sweden

    The Swedish Alcohol law differs from many other European countries. It is generally more controlling and has more rules. This is a briefing about laws related to alcohol in Sweden. More