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Tag - Animals


Chernobyl: Abandoned Research Laboratory

Today we are looking into an abandoned research laboratory which also had a fish farm. Here they would find out how fishes and animals are affected by radioactive radiation. This location is only a few kilometers from the site of the Chernobyl meltdown. Therefore, the environment should be optimal for this kind of research.



Wild Street Dogs In Bucharest – Why?

In Romania’s capital Bucharest, you will encounter wild street dogs. If you are scared of dogs it may be problematic because you will surely meet the dogs on the streets. Here’s the thing when it comes to wild street dogs in Bucharest. (more…)


Common Snakes In Northern Europe

Spring is the perfect time for snakes to prove themselves. The sun is shining and they lay on rocks and beaches, and suddenly, a rustle in the grass when you walk. Those snakes are the most common in Northern Europe. (more…)