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  • stegeborg-1

    Lazy Day in Stegeborg – Sweden

    Stegeborg is located just outside Norrköping, at Bråviken inlet. It includes a port tavern, camping, cable ferry and the castle ruin “Stegeborg”. More

  • karosta-liepaja-latvia-1

    Traces Of War on Latvian Beaches

    On the beaches of the Baltic Sea are today remnants of what would constitute a defense in a war. A war in which, in the worst cases, nuclear weapons could decide the winner. Welcome to Liepaja in Latvia – And the former closed military city Karosta! More

  • tallinn-winter-11

    Go To Tallinn In The Winter – Is It Worth It?

    Estonia’s capital Tallinn has in recent years emerged as a gem at the Baltic Sea. The reason is the Old Town, beautifully restored buildings, proximity to the sea and great prices. But in winter, do you really want to go here? Find out! More

  • polands-beaches-1

    Traces Of War: Secrets of Poland’s Beaches

    Once again in Poland. A country with a dramatic history that has left its traces, even on the most beautiful sandy beaches. Here are old bunkers with remains of guns with devastating firepower. More