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  • Breznak-1

    Březňák – Beer From the Czech Republic

    Březňák is a Czech beer produced in North Bohemia since 1753. Long was this a beer of local existence and was drunken in most of Eastern Europe. Around the year 2008-2009 Březňák began to emerge in Sweden and has been since 2009 a permanent place in the store catalog. Březňák is estimated as a light […] More

  • ursus-beer-romania-1

    Beer In Romania

    Beer is not what Romania is most famous for exporting, but there are still some great and good beers. Here are the most common. More

  • Wieninger-beer-alps-1

    Which Beer Do They Drink In the Alps?

    Soon comes the time of the year when the Alps in Austria and Germany get flooded by tourists. Many are thirsty and during the high season, millions of liters of draft beer will be served. What is served in the glasses around Alp cities such as Berchtesgaden and Königssee are very likely Wieninger Bier. More

  • beer-4534

    Beer With Penicillin Cured Diseases

    Penicillin is historically a new discovery, but recent research shows that humans have used antibiotics for over 2000 years – combined with beer. More

  • stiegl

    In Austria They Drink Stiegl

    “There must be a Stiegl”. This is the slogan for the most popular beers in Austria. Stiegl is brewed in Salzburg. Here is a brief introduction to the beer brand. More

  • estonian-beer

    Estonian Beer

    In Estonia, there are many good and cheap beers. Let’s try some. More

  • vodka

    Popular Alcoholic Beverages In Russia

    It is easy to believe that Russians only drinking vodka, but there are actually a bit more to discover. Let us get a little insight into what is popular alcoholic beverages in Russia. More

  • lagerbier-hell

    Augustiner – Munich In A bottle

    Das besten Biere der Welt, the world’s best beer. Many thinking of Munich’s Pride – Augustiner beer. More

  • franconia-1

    Plenty Of Breweries In Franconia

    300 different breweries in the region don’t sound wrong? Welcome to the German countryside Franconia in Bavaria which is today’s travel advice! More

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