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  • afi-palace-bucharest-1

    AFI Palace – Bucharest’s Largest Shopping Mall

    Romania’s capital Bucharest is a shoppers paradise with generous opening hours in the major shopping malls. Follow to Bucharest’s largest shopping mall which also has rollercoaster, ice skating rink, and other stuff. More

  • Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-1

    Abandoned Chemical Factory With Deaths And Ruins

    One of Romania’s most important factories was on the outskirts of Bucharest. The confidentiality was high because this factory manufactured gunpowder and other chemicals for the military. Today, only abandoned buildings are left from the former chemical factory. More

  • abandoned-train-cemetery-bucharest-1

    The Abandoned Train Cemetery In Bucharest

    Next to the central railway station is the final end station for carriages. Here get train cars that no longer are good enough their retirement. Only a short distance away from the busy central station in Romania is this abandoned secret. More

  • bucharest-old-brothel-1


    Bucharest’s Oldest And Most Interesting Brothel

    Few cities have as many secrets among the back streets and alleys that Romania’s capital, Bucharest. A few steps to the side of one of the city’s main streets is all that is required. Suddenly it’s completely quiet and stuffy. Here is the passage that housed Bucharest’s oldest brothel and more. More

  • abandoned-parking-garage-1

    Old Abandoned Parking Garage In Bucharest

    An abandoned parking garage does not need cars to become alive. This parking garage from the 1920s, is in contrast to many other abandoned places, supplemented its charm. More

  • street-dogs-bucharest-1

    Wild Street Dogs In Bucharest – Why?

    In Romania’s capital Bucharest, you will encounter wild street dogs. If you are scared of dogs it may be problematic because you will surely meet the dogs on the streets. Here’s the thing when it comes to wild street dogs in Bucharest. More

  • bucharest-driving-1

    Driving In Bucharest – Romania

    I’ve been driving through most major European cities. Paris, Rome, and others are often used as examples of horror. In my opinion, there are few cities that could beat the Bucharest traffic. Here are my observations and pictures. More

  • abandoned-regime-newspaper-bucharest-1

    Abandoned Regime Newspaper Building

    Once again, we are again in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, where the schedule for the day includes an abandoned newspaper and printing business. More