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  • bontida-banffy-castle-1

    Bontida Bánffy Castle – Transylvanian Versailles

    Bontida Bánffy Castle is located in the Transylvanian countryside and is one of the most spectacular castle ensembles in the area. Let’s take a closer look at this partly abandoned castle that represents many construction styles. More

  • colditz-castle-1

    Escapes From Colditz Castle – Like In The Movies

    Colditz, a former mental hospital and Renaissance castle in German Saxony, was during the Second World War a scene was several spectacular escape attempts were made. The castle was a prison camp. More

  • buda-castle-1

    To See In Budapest: The Buda Castle

    There is a lot to see in Budapest and the Buda Castle is one of the most popular. It offers a world heritage site since 1987 and stunning views of the city. More

  • abandoned-castle-poland-1

    An Abandoned Castle In Poland Without A Future

    This may be the newest castle in Europe, located in Poland. The castle Lapalice, which today is an abandoned castle, started according to data to be built in the 1980s. More

  • stegeborg-1

    Lazy Day in Stegeborg – Sweden

    Stegeborg is located just outside Norrköping, at Bråviken inlet. It includes a port tavern, camping, cable ferry and the castle ruin “Stegeborg”. More

  • schonbrunn-vienna-austria-1

    Schönbrunn Palace – Best Attraction In Vienna?

    Schönbrunn Palace is attraction number one in Vienna. Spanish Riding School and St. Stephen’s Cathedral got a high class, but nothing beats Schönbrunn. Magnificent, beautiful and Austria’s most visited attraction. Welcome! More

  • must-see-in-prague-1

    Must See In Prague

    What are the most important things to see in Prague? Prague is a popular destination and the beautiful capital by the Vltava river has regained its former glory. Czech capital has today buildings that representing all styles. For tourists, there are common with a weekend trip to Prague. These are the sights you shouldn’t miss. More

  • Salzburg-austria-1

    Salzburg – Things To Do And See

    Salzburg’s is the baroque city at the river Salzach north of the Alps. It attracts many tourists and here they will not come for any big city weekend. Instead, they are attracted to cultural experiences. Here is what you can see and do in Salzburg. More

  • Wewelsburg-castle-germany-paderborn-1

    The History Of Wewelsburg

    Wewelsburg is not far from the German city of Paderborn. The place gave rise to much of the mystery cults and occult rituals that surrounded the Third Reich. More

  • palace-finckenstein-1

    Abandoned Castle: Palace Finckenstein

    In present Poland is an abandoned castle. Finckenstein palace was until 1945 a flourishing baroque castle. Today, only the ruins are left. More