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  • Russia

    Experience Russia Without Going To Russia

    There are plenty of ways to explore the Russian society and culture without visiting Russian soil. Forget about applying for a visa and try these places with an overwhelmingly Russian population or culture. More

  • shopping-moldova-1

    Shopping In Chisinau – Moldova

    Moldova is hardly known for any shopping experiences. Much is traded locally and between private individuals. But there are still some examples. More

  • abandoned-hotel-national-2


    Huge And Abandoned Hotel In Moldova

    In the middle of Moldova’s capital, Chişinău, one of the city’s tallest buildings is an abandoned hotel. It is the skeleton of the formerly famous hotel “Hotel National”, where 15 floors and a basement today are completely deserted – to the homeless’s joy. More

  • Triumphal-Arch-chisinau-1

    The Triumphal Arch – Also In Moldova

    Did you know there are several triumphal arcs? A triumphal arch is built to triumph something. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris was built to honor the army and victory of Austerlitz, while the triumphal arch of Moldova’s capital came to honor the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire (Russian-Turkish War). More