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  • hotel-fjord-kotor-1


    The Abandoned Hotel Fjord In Kotor

    In the picturesque town of Kotor, has since over 10 years an abandoned hotel been seen by the hordes of tourists. Why is it an abandoned hotel in Kotor and how does it look today? More

  • Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-1

    Abandoned Chemical Factory With Deaths And Ruins

    One of Romania’s most important factories was on the outskirts of Bucharest. The confidentiality was high because this factory manufactured gunpowder and other chemicals for the military. Today, only abandoned buildings are left from the former chemical factory. More

  • abandoned-train-cemetery-bucharest-1

    The Abandoned Train Cemetery In Bucharest

    Next to the central railway station is the final end station for carriages. Here get train cars that no longer are good enough their retirement. Only a short distance away from the busy central station in Romania is this abandoned secret. More

  • deserted-place-sweden-1

    Just A Deserted Place In Sweden

    A journey through the Swedish landscape of Närke where the sun shines at this time. In some places people live, in other places, there have been people living. Here are all gone at a furious pace. What remains are the less pleasant tracks in a deserted place. More

  • abandoned-hotel-national-2

    Huge And Abandoned Hotel In Moldova

    In the middle of Moldova’s capital, Chişinău, one of the city’s tallest buildings is an abandoned hotel. It is the skeleton of the formerly famous hotel “Hotel National”, where 15 floors and a basement today are completely deserted – to the homeless’s joy. More

  • abandoned-apartment-block-sweden-1

    The Abandoned Apartment Block

    Where the archipelago begins lies the small town of Valdemarsvik with about 2700 inhabitants. As with many other former industrial communities also Valdemarsvik fights against a falling population curve and empty homes as a result. This is most noticeable area is the residential area of Upper Norrbacka (Swe. Övre Norrbacka). More

  • abandoned-regime-newspaper-bucharest-1

    Abandoned Regime Newspaper Building

    Once again, we are again in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, where the schedule for the day includes an abandoned newspaper and printing business. More

  • Dead-Swedish-Industrial-City-1

    Abandoned Places – A Dead Swedish Industrial City

    The town of Grängesberg in Dalarna region has during the past sixty years lost half of its population. This is particularly noticeable in the abandoned apartment houses. Follow a tragic visit to Grängesberg, which was once the pride of the Swedish mining industry. More

  • abandoned-mental-hospital-norrfly-1

    Haunted Abandoned Mental Hospital

    People always love old hospital and abandoned ones are even better. A building outside the Swedish town of Bollnäs where rumors long thrived. This is the former “Norrfly” retirement home and mental hospital. More