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  • urban-survival-1

    Urban Survival – Survival In Urban Environment

    A larger proportion than ever of the world’s population today lives in cities and urban areas. Survival in the urban environment is becoming increasingly important to master when crises occur. Here are some tips about urban survival. More

  • smog-in-london

    When Smog In London Killed 12,000 In A Few Days!

    Smog in London has long been a problem. Smog is caused by air pollution in combination with a climate that creates the right conditions. The smog in London today is mild against what it was in 1952 – when 12,000 people died within a few days. More

  • chernobyl-power-plant-reactor-4-1

    Before Chernobyl’s New Huge Enclosure Was Completed

    Last autumn in Chernobyl, it was time to put the new enormous dome to enclose the wrecked nuclear power plant for at least 100 years. The building belongs to the largest moving objects ever constructed. See the pictures that nowadays is impossible to take. More

  • Ivan-Semenyuk-chernobyl-1

    Meet Ivan Semenyuk – The Hero Of Chernobyl

    Ivan Semenyuk lives alone in a village that previously had more than 600 inhabitants. After forced relocation in connection with the nuclear accident, he returned here with his wife despite the ban of the authorities. This is how Ivan lives today, 25 km from the irrigated reactor. More

  • karatjaj

    The World’s Most Polluted Lake

    Would you like to spend an hour on the beach at the world’s most polluted lake, Karatjaj, in Russia, will it be the last thing you do in life. Here is the radiation extreme. More

  • Ignalina-nuclear-power-plant-1

    Ignalina in Lithuania – This Was A Ticking Bomb

    In east Lithuania, there was until 2009 a time bomb in the same level as Chernobyl. This bomb was called Ignalina, and had the world’s most powerful nuclear reactor – and the same design as Chernobyl. Travel Blog Europe has paid it a visit. More