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  • lenin-statue-narva-1

    What Does Lenin Point To?

    Lenin was one of the most depicted people behind the iron curtain. Most major cities had a bust or statue of the man who started the bloody Russian Revolution. The city of Narva in Estonia is no exception. What does Lenin actually point to? More

  • tartu-estonia-1

    Hip And Modern In The University Town Of Tartu

    Tartu is opposite of Estonia’s other concrete-gray, medium-sized cities. In Tartu, it is being invested in renovation and renewal. Take a sightseeing tour of the city. More

  • tallinn-winter-11

    Go To Tallinn In The Winter – Is It Worth It?

    Estonia’s capital Tallinn has in recent years emerged as a gem at the Baltic Sea. The reason is the Old Town, beautifully restored buildings, proximity to the sea and great prices. But in winter, do you really want to go here? Find out! More

  • blue-mountains-Orphanage-hill-tannenberg-line-estonia-1

    1944: Battle Of Tannenberg Line And The Slaughter At Orphanage Hill

    In July and August 1944, at the verdant hills of northeastern Estonia, the calmness was broken in what would become a bloodbath. German and Estonian soldiers were determined to push the Soviet forces back in the famous Battle of the Blue Mountains (Sinimäed Hills) in Estonia. More

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    Abandoned Resort For Soviet Communist Officials

    So far to the east of the European Union, you can get, is in many ways an abandoned summer resort. Here had the communist officials the time of their life, but now the beach is empty. This is Narva Jöessu in East Estonia. More

  • abandoned-palace-narva-1

    Abandoned Palace Of Culture In Narva

    In the Estonian Narva is a beautiful building, which differs from the city’s other gray Soviet architecture. This was a cultural palace, which today is completely abandoned. More

  • estonian-beer

    Estonian Beer

    In Estonia, there are many good and cheap beers. Let’s try some. More

  • narva-fortress-lenin

    Narva – Close Contact Between Estonia And Russia

    We are in the Estonian town of Narva. We will take a look how it is where you drive into Russia. This is the first article about the borders of Europe. It’s also a place where both NATO and Russia want to show their muscles. And what does Lenin point at above? More