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  • colditz-castle-1

    Escapes From Colditz Castle – Like In The Movies

    Colditz, a former mental hospital and Renaissance castle in German Saxony, was during the Second World War a scene was several spectacular escape attempts were made. The castle was a prison camp. More

  • munich-marienplatz-1

    Marienplatz – Munich’s Beautiful Center

    If you ever visit Munich, you will be guaranteed to pass Marienplatz which is the city’s beautiful center. Here it is always a lot of movement and the square is framed by beautiful buildings. Don’t miss this! More

  • speeding-germany

    How To Handle Speeding Fines From Germany

    Nowadays, it is more difficult to avoid speeding fines within the EU. Those who get caught in a speed camera in Germany may get a letter home within a few weeks. This is how to handle them. More

  • Meissen-1001

    Meissen – More Than Just Crockery

    Meissen is an over 1000-year-old city in eastern Germany. Beautifully situated by the river Elbe there are both historical buildings – and of course porcelain. More

  • Autobahn-2

    Important When Driving In Europe: “Rettungsgasse”

    Driving a car in Europe can sometimes be a challenge. More traffic and higher pace. In Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary there is a word you need to keep an eye on. Otherwise, it can be expensive. More

  • frankfurt-romer-1

    Tourist Attractions In Frankfurt Am Main

    Frankfurt may not be known as a tourist city, but the city for stressed business people. Frankfurt was heavily destroyed during the bombings of WWII, much of the old settlement was lost. Now a lot is rebuilt and well worth a visit to feel the new cozy atmosphere. More

  • ravensbruck-concentration-camp-1

    Women’s Concentration Camp Ravensbrück

    In the Second World War’s concentration camps, men and women were often separated. Ravensbrück was no exception. Through the camp gates, 132,000 women passed through. More

  • zwinger-dresden-1

    Der Dresdner Zwinger – Palace Of The Elbe

    If you have not been to Dresden, “Florence at the Elbe”, it’s time to book a visit now. Here is a stay in the beautiful Zwinger palace in the heart of Dresden. More

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