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Tag - Hungary


Elisabeth Bridge Budapest

The Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd) is one of the main bridges over River Dunabe that connects the Buda and the Pest sides of Budapest. This is the right place to get a stunning view of the old parts of Budapest and the other bridges. (more…)


Heroes Square In Budapest

The Heroes Square in Budapest is one of the most famous of the city’s landmarks. Located at the end of a wide boulevard, Heroes Square is classified as a world heritage site since 1987. Most distinguished is the Millennium Monument. (more…)


Legal And Illegal Prostitution in Europe

Legal prostitution is a hot potato and often discussed, especially in Sweden. In Europe differs a lot between the countries. This applies to both laws and attitudes. The Netherlands and Germany have a notorious liberal view of the sale and purchase of sex. But how does it look in the rest of Europe? (more…)