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Tour Guide Anton Dendemarchenko Puts Transnistria On the Map

It is a very special post today, a digital interview with Anton Dendemarchenko, artist and tour guide from Transnistria, the country that doesn’t exist. I can tell that it does exist and I traveled there in 2017. It looks like the last standing Soviet republic where time stopped in 1990, I saw capital city Tiraspol and old fortress in Bendery. I added some photos from this unique journey so you see that it is not a joke – Transnistria is a real country and it does exist! (more…)


Back To Chernobyl

April 26, 1986, a reactor exploded at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant located in Ukraine. About 250,000 people were evacuated from the nearby town of Pripyat and nearby villages. Polluted clouds spread far north, but the most affected areas were Ukraine and Belarus. Even in northern Sweden, increased levels of radioactive deposition from the world’s largest nuclear accident were measured. (more…)