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  • vilnius-kgb-museum-1

    The KGB Museum In Vilnius – Once Lithuania’s Hell

    In Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is in the city center a house where the horror previously lived. This infamous house was until 1991 a place many would rather die than to be locked in into. Welcome to the feared security police house. More

  • Vilnius-old-town-1

    Get To Know The Old Town Of Vilnius – Lithuania’s Capital

    Lithuania’s capital Vilnius has long been overlooked, but it is a beautiful old city in size with Gothenburg, which should not be missed. It offers a relatively unexplored city experience where living costs are cheap and the history is constantly present. More

  • lithuania-latvia-border

    The Invisible Border Between Latvia & Lithuania

    We have previously written about borders that are nowadays only visible on the map. Here is one more example. The picture above shows the border between Lithuania and Latvia. More

  • shopping-in-vilnius-1

    The Biggest Market In Vilnius

    Lithuania’s largest market is located in the capital Vilnius, and here is everything you can imagine when it comes to shopping in Vilnius. More

  • Ignalina-nuclear-power-plant-1

    Ignalina in Lithuania – This Was A Ticking Bomb

    In east Lithuania, there was until 2009 a time bomb in the same level as Chernobyl. This bomb was called Ignalina, and had the world’s most powerful nuclear reactor – and the same design as Chernobyl. Travel Blog Europe has paid it a visit. More

  • drink-and-drive

    All About Blood Alcohol Content When Driving Abroad

    Driving and alcohol never have anything in common. Different countries have different views on how much alcohol you can drink before you are or not allowed to drive, or rather how many parts per thousand, it may be in the blood. More

  • center-of-europe-1

    Where Is The Center Of Europe?

    A question that has for a time been discussed is where Europe’s geographical center really is. Here is the answer for “where is the center of Europe”? More