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    The Award Winning Swedish Air Force Museum

    Exhibition of the year, the museum of the year. These are some of the awards that Air Force Museum in the Swedish town of Linköping received. This museum offers the visitor an authentic environment with a lot of scenes from Sweden during the Cold War. More

  • Aeroseum-save-cold-war-aviation-hangar-21

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    Deep Inside The Cold War Aircraft Hangar

    Aeroseum in Säve, north of Gothenburg, offers you access to the previously top-secret cavern. Here you survive a nuclear attack and may also see large parts of the Swedish military aviation history. More

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    The Search Of Himmler’s Bunker In East Prussia

    In former East Prussia, the traces of World War II are always presented in the forests. Mosquitoes, ticks, and flies nowadays guarding the place where Himmler’s bunker was, but that’s no deal breaker when it comes to finding some remains. More

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    Traces Of War on Latvian Beaches

    On the beaches of the Baltic Sea are today remnants of what would constitute a defense in a war. A war in which, in the worst cases, nuclear weapons could decide the winner. Welcome to Liepaja in Latvia – And the former closed military city Karosta! More

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    Prora: The Ghost Of Rügen

    Prora, the giant concrete colossus standing at the beach on the island of Ruegen living on borrowed time. This huge building should house 20,000 workers and after the holiday they could return to the factories with new energy. This is the history of Prora. More

  • tyfors-gunpowder-factory-25

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    This Abandoned Gunpowder Factory Was Top Secret

    Let’s visit an abandoned gunpowder factory in Western Sweden. With the help of this gunpowder factory outside the village Tyfors, Sweden would replenish ammunition stocks if an invasion of foreign arms became a reality. This is what the factory looks like 70 years later. More

  • Juterbog-army-base-germany-1

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    The Biggest Military Base of USSR – Jüterbog

    After Germany’s defeat in World War II, the Soviet got access to a large quantity of abandoned military buildings and areas. At first, they tried to blow up as much as possible, but the Soviet Union saw the potential of the giant site of Jüterbog. In Jüterbog, near Berlin, they planned to locate the largest military forces […] More

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