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  • bmw-welt-1

    BMW Welt In Munich

    If you’re in Munich and at least know what a BMW is, the BMW Welt is a given stop. Here are all together at one place; Exhibition Hall, museum and the gigantic factory area with over 11,000 employees. Have a look! More

  • Angel-Of-Peace-Munich-1

    The Angel Of Peace In Munich

    In Munich stands a symbol of peace. It is a well-honed angel that rises 38 meters up and is one of Munich’s landmarks. Find out why. More

  • lagerbier-hell

    Augustiner – Munich In A bottle

    Das besten Biere der Welt, the world’s best beer. Many thinking of Munich’s Pride – Augustiner beer. More

  • Abandoned-Train-Station-in-Munich-1

    Why An Abandoned Train Station In Munich?

    Why does Munich have an abandoned train station? Munich is considered to have one of the world’s best public transportation. But don’t count on this one. More