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    FSB In Russia – Some Facts And Rumors

    FSB is the federal security service in Russia and is responsible for the country’s internal security as well as spying. Even today, FSB is located in KGB’s old headquarters. More

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    Experience Russia Without Going To Russia

    There are plenty of ways to explore the Russian society and culture without visiting Russian soil. Forget about applying for a visa and try these places with an overwhelmingly Russian population or culture. More

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    The World’s Most Polluted Lake

    Would you like to spend an hour on the beach at the world’s most polluted lake, Karatjaj, in Russia, will it be the last thing you do in life. Here is the radiation extreme. More

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    All About Blood Alcohol Content When Driving Abroad

    Driving and alcohol never have anything in common. Different countries have different views on how much alcohol you can drink before you are or not allowed to drive, or rather how many parts per thousand, it may be in the blood. More

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    Popular Alcoholic Beverages In Russia

    It is easy to believe that Russians only drinking vodka, but there are actually a bit more to discover. Let us get a little insight into what is popular alcoholic beverages in Russia. More

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    Narva – Close Contact Between Estonia And Russia

    We are in the Estonian town of Narva. We will take a look how it is where you drive into Russia. This is the first article about the borders of Europe. It’s also a place where both NATO and Russia want to show their muscles. And what does Lenin point at above? More