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  • german-war-cemetery-narva-1

    The German War Cemetery in Narva

    At the German War Cemetery in Narva, not only German soldiers have their final rest. We also find some volunteers from Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Danmark, Estonia and even a few Russian’s fighting for the Axis. I had a walk here trough this, nowadays, calm place. More

  • minsk-soviet-tour

    Soviet Tour in Minsk

    I couldn’t resist booking a personal Soviet tour of the Minsk city center. What did I see? Was it worth it? I usually do the research by my self, but did 25 Euros save me a lot of work? See the traces of the Soviet Union in Minsk. More

  • minsk-victory-square-1

    Victory Square in Minsk – A True Victory Monument

    Minsk Victory Square is one of the capital’s most interesting spots. It’s a perfect place to start your Minsk city tour, and if you do, it will be in the heart of the historic center of Minsk. More

  • t34-siivertsi-narva-estonia

    The T-34 Battle Monument At Siivertsi

    T-34 tank monuments aren’t rare in the former Eastern Bloc, and of course, Estonia got its share. This is the short story behind one of them, the T-34 monument at Siivertsi, in eastern Estonia. More

  • third-world-war

    Third World War – The Day When It Almost Started

    Third World War was once very close to starting. Do you really know how close it was? In September 1983, the nuclear war was closer than anyone could have imagined. Here is the course of events that could have ended in a disaster for humanity. More

  • soviet-serial-killer-1

    Became Soviet’s Worst Serial Killer After 42 Years Of Impotence

    The Soviet worst serial killer was probably also one of the sickest in the world. For 13 years, he could live his fantasies before justice deprived him of his life. This is the story of Andrei Chikatilo – a monster created by sexual frustration. More

  • femore-fortress-sweden-cold-war-1

    The Femore Fortress – On Guard Towards The East

    Outside the city, Oxelösund in Sweden lies the Femore Fortress which provides a unique insight into the everyday life of the cold war and nowadays its open to visitors. Until 1997, the Fortress had the code name “Battery OD”, and here 70 people could stay for up to a month in the event of war. More

  • lenin-statue-narva-1

    What Does Lenin Point To?

    Lenin was one of the most depicted people behind the iron curtain. Most major cities had a bust or statue of the man who started the bloody Russian Revolution. The city of Narva in Estonia is no exception. What does Lenin actually point to? More

  • emw-east-german-bmw

    EMW – East Germany’s BMW Copy

    Have you heard of EMW? Did not think so. EMW was East Germany’s answer to BMW and was identical in several ways. The reason was a World War and a Europe divided into the East and West. More

  • berlin-soviet-victory-monument-1

    The Soviet Victory Monument In Berlin And Its Secrets

    The Soviet victory monument in Berlin is hard to miss. But how many know about its background and secrets? Think about this when you visit Soviet’s biggest victory monument in what would become the world’s capital city. More

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