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Can I use my credit card in Europe?

The use of credit cards is widespread in Europe but may differ from country to country. The use of credit cards and other payment methods is more common in Western Europe. Countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany might be an exception. (more…)


Casino Cosmopol In Stockholm

Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm is one of the few places in Sweden where gamblers can gather. The Swedish state casinos have about one million guests per year and the largest is Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm. This is how my visit was. (more…)


A Part Of Sweden’s Nuclear Weapon Project

Outside the Swedish city of Norrköping is the abandoned power plant Marviken, which would be the lead star in Swedish nuclear technology. If everything had gone as planned, this would be an ultramodern nuclear power plant that could contribute to the components of a Swedish atomic bomb. (more…)