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  • skirmish-at-bender-1

    The Skirmish At Bender – What Happened, And How Is It Today?

    The skirmish at Bender is a famous battle, where the Swedish King Charles XII and 40 of his men came into a conflict with the 600 Turkish soldiers in current Moldova (Transnistria). The year was 1713. Here is what the place and the stronghold look like today. More

  • femore-fortress-sweden-cold-war-1

    The Femore Fortress – On Guard Towards The East

    Outside the city, Oxelösund in Sweden lies the Femore Fortress which provides a unique insight into the everyday life of the cold war and nowadays its open to visitors. Until 1997, the Fortress had the code name “Battery OD”, and here 70 people could stay for up to a month in the event of war. More

  • casino-cosmopol-stockholm-1

    Casino Cosmopol In Stockholm

    Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm is one of the few places in Sweden where gamblers can gather. The Swedish state casinos have about one million guests per year and the largest is Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm. This is how my visit was. More

  • marviken-nuclear-power-plant-sweden-1

    A Part Of Sweden’s Nuclear Weapon Project

    Outside the Swedish city of Norrköping is the abandoned power plant Marviken, which would be the lead star in Swedish nuclear technology. If everything had gone as planned, this would be an ultramodern nuclear power plant that could contribute to the components of a Swedish atomic bomb. More

  • karlsborg-fortress-1

    Did You Know That Sweden Had A Reserve Capital?

    Karlsborg is a town at Lake Vättern which has for a long time been heavily militarized. It was in fact here that Sweden’s capital would be moved in case Stockholm was attacked. Take a trip to Karlsborg Fortress! More

  • flatruet-mountain-road-sweden-1

    The Road Over Flatruet – Sweden’s Highest Road

    The road over the mountain Flatruet is Sweden’s highest road (above the sea level). The Flatruet road was opened by the King in 1938 and is a true nature experience. This is what you can see along the way. More

  • abandoned-military-mountain-facility-1

    Huge Abandoned Military Storage Deep Inside The Mountain

    During the Cold War, Sweden had a large number of military warehouses deployed deep in the forests. In the event of war, the defense could easily continue even if the cities were severely bombed. However, a warehouse of this size is unusual. More

  • midnight-sun-north-sweden-1

    North Of Sweden – Where The Sun Never Goes Down!

    The midnight sun could during the summer months be seen north of the Arctic Circle. It never gets really dark. In northern Sweden, a summer night seems like a magical source of endless light. Here are some pictures from the fantastic light in the north. More

  • tartu-estonia-1

    Hip And Modern In The University Town Of Tartu

    Tartu is opposite of Estonia’s other concrete-gray, medium-sized cities. In Tartu, it is being invested in renovation and renewal. Take a sightseeing tour of the city. More

  • Doverstorp-concentration-camp-1

    8000 Escaped From Second World War To A Small Swedish Village

    When World War II was at its worst phase in Europe, thousands of war refugees ended up in the small village Doverstorp outside Finspång in Sweden. The place was planned to be a shelter for inhabitants of the big city Norrköping, but instead became larger than a smaller Swedish city – and then disappeared almost […] More

  • Rosengard-sweden-1

    Rosengård In Sweden Was A Bright Future

    In Malmö is the infamous district Rosengård located. Here the future was built in the 1960s. In Rosengård’s case, the future would be asphalt and concrete. More

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