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Tour Guide Anton Dendemarchenko Puts Transnistria On the Map

It is a very special post today, a digital interview with Anton Dendemarchenko, artist and tour guide from Transnistria, the country that doesn’t exist. I can tell that it does exist and I traveled there in 2017. It looks like the last standing Soviet republic where time stopped in 1990, I saw capital city Tiraspol and old fortress in Bendery. I added some photos from this unique journey so you see that it is not a joke – Transnistria is a real country and it does exist! (more…)


Soviet Tour in Minsk

I couldn’t resist booking a personal Soviet tour of the Minsk city center. What did I see? Was it worth it? I usually do the research by my self, but did 25 Euros save me a lot of work? See the traces of the Soviet Union in Minsk. (more…)