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  • pripyat-abandoned-elementary-school-1

    The Abandoned Pripyat Elementary School No. 3

    Pripyat middle school number 3 was one of five elementary schools in the city of Pripyat. This school has maybe the world’s most photographed collection of gas masks. See what I found inside the school from the Cold war high season. More

  • pripyat-police-station-1

    Inside Pripyat Police Station And The Backyard

    The Pripyat Police station is located on the street Vulytsya Lesi Ukrayinky and was only 1,5 years old when the catastrophe occurred. It was a modern facility which still was in service many years after the disaster. Enjoy a tour of the Pripyat Police station and the truck graveyard och the backside. More

  • fish-in-chernobyl

    The Big Fishes In The Water Around Chernobyl

    Chernobyl is not known for extensive leisure activities, but tourists and local workers like to feed large fishes from an old railway bridge at the nuclear power plant. More

  • chernobyl-toilets

    The Availability Of Toilets In Chernobyl

    The Chernobyl area growing as a tourist attraction, and one not weird question I get, is about the availability of toilets in the Chernobyl area. Let me tell about my conclusion after several days in the exclusion zone. More

  • Kryivka-secret-restaurant-lviv-ukraine-1

    The Most Secret Restaurant In Lviv

    The most secret restaurant in Lviv is also one of the best. Read where it is, what to say to get in and what’s inside. And how is the secret food? More

  • back-to-chernobyl-1

    Back To Chernobyl

    April 26, 1986, a reactor exploded at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant located in Ukraine. About 250,000 people were evacuated from the nearby town of Pripyat and nearby villages. Polluted clouds spread far north, but the most affected areas were Ukraine and Belarus. Even in northern Sweden, increased levels of radioactive deposition from the world’s […] More

  • chernobyl-power-plant-reactor-4-1

    Before Chernobyl’s New Huge Enclosure Was Completed

    Last autumn in Chernobyl, it was time to put the new enormous dome to enclose the wrecked nuclear power plant for at least 100 years. The building belongs to the largest moving objects ever constructed. See the pictures that nowadays is impossible to take. More

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