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  • skirmish-at-bender-1

    The Skirmish At Bender – What Happened, And How Is It Today?

    The skirmish at Bender is a famous battle, where the Swedish King Charles XII and 40 of his men came into a conflict with the 600 Turkish soldiers in current Moldova (Transnistria). The year was 1713. Here is what the place and the stronghold look like today. More

  • karlsborg-fortress-1

    Did You Know That Sweden Had A Reserve Capital?

    Karlsborg is a town at Lake Vättern which has for a long time been heavily militarized. It was in fact here that Sweden’s capital would be moved in case Stockholm was attacked. Take a trip to Karlsborg Fortress! More

  • battle-of-lutzen-1

    Battle of Lützen: Here Died The Swedish King

    Lützen, now a sleepy small town in Germany. Then, on November 16 the year 1632, the fog was dense. At this place was the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf killed. Let’s make a visit to the place. More

  • Swedish-Air-Force-Museum-1

    The Award Winning Swedish Air Force Museum

    Exhibition of the year, the museum of the year. These are some of the awards that Air Force Museum in the Swedish town of Linköping received. This museum offers the visitor an authentic environment with a lot of scenes from Sweden during the Cold War. More

  • transnistria-lenin-monument

    Transnistria From Inside

    There is a country that hardly anyone knows about. This land is the last remaining Soviet Republic. Here, time stopped in 1990. In this country, it’s official state of war and we have been there. Read the travelogue from Transnistria, a unique place in Europe. More

  • Angel-Of-Peace-Munich-1

    The Angel Of Peace In Munich

    In Munich stands a symbol of peace. It is a well-honed angel that rises 38 meters up and is one of Munich’s landmarks. Find out why. More