The volcano Teide with its stunning surroundings is Spain’s most visited national park. There are over 3 million visitors annually, but there is no congestion – the magnitude of the wonders of this nature is unbelievable. Get a few thousand feet above sea level.

teide-tenerife-2Teide is a resting volcano but is considered to be the highest mountain in Spain. The top of the volcano measures impressive 3718 meters.teide-tenerife-3

Protected environment with unique flora and fauna

Teide with the national park is a protected area since 1954. The whole area is classified as World Heritage site since 2007.teide-tenerife-4

Plant and animal species on Teide have developed in a very special way in the unique climate. Among the unique flowers are the Teide Ginsten and the Teide Violin. Among the birds, the Teide fin is particularly distinctive.

Go up to Teide

Most people who visit Teide do it through an arranged trip. Your tour operator can help you book. Expect a day for a complete visit.


Pine forest.

The journey begins for most early in the morning and goes on one of the four roads leading up to the volcano. On the way up to the top, you travel on winding roads through pine forests.

The bus stops at some unique rock formations before reaching the visitor center at the foot of the volcano. From the visitor center, you can go higher up with the 2482 meter long cable car.


Cable car to the top.

When you get off, you are at the top station, which is 3555 meters high. Here the air feels thin!

In order to reach the top, special permission is required.

How to dress on Teide?

Tenerife is not known to be a cold place, but on the highs of Teide, the temperature is lower. In spite of sunny and clear whether the temperature can be around -1 degrees during the winter months. Snow and ice are present.teide-tenerife-7

Remember this when packing the bag at home.


How often do you go on a road above the clouds?

Can there be volcanic eruptions?

Probably not when you’re there. The last eruption was 1909 and seismologists carefully monitor the activity of the sleeping volcano. Volcanic eruptions, however, must be thanked as they created the unique environment. There are plenty of craters to explore.