The village of Mănăstirea in Romania, east of the town Dej, once had a beautiful castle and an extraordinary school. Now, both are abandoned but the school only for some years. Let’s have a look!

Manastirea-abandoned-school-2The village of Mănăstirea is mentioned already in the 16th century when the renaissance castle of Kornis was built.


The Transylvanian aristocratic family Kornis family played an important role in village life in Mănăstirea and during the peak of the Kornis family, the number of inhabitants in Mănăstirea almost doubled.


School books…

When this school was built, it was seldom with schools run by the state. Instead, during the 1700s and 1800s, most schools were run by a local organization or the church.Manastirea-abandoned-school-9

Or, as in this case, a wealthy aristocrat family with Hungarian roots, have a desire to give something back to the community.


The main entrance.

I know the title may be confusing. The school in Mănăstirea wasn’t any school for aristocrats in Romania or Hungary (Kornis family have Hungarian origin). The meaning of the title is that the aristocrats of the Kornis family built this school in the village for its citizen.Manastirea-abandoned-school-7

I have no official building date for the school. Which year should I guess?


Former toilettes.

I would say the late 1800s. Sure, the architecture reminds of some Stalin inspired buildings from around 1950s, but during the later 1900s, the Kornis family flew from the village, because of the Red Army.Manastirea-abandoned-school-8

And before, Transylvania, where Mănăstirea is located, was earlier a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.


Soccer accessories.

Right in front of this newly abandoned school building, a modern school can be seen. This school is sponsored by EU funds. But it’s not in use – The roof leaking water and the children in the village are transported to another village school…


The old abandoned school to the left and the new abandoned school to the right.

Until the roof is fixed, we have two abandoned schools in one village.