The village Wróblin Głogowski is gone, but the church is left. The church is abandoned for many years, but still in a beautiful atmosphere. Let’s visit the church Sw. Heleny in Głogów region, Poland.

abandoned-church-Wroblin-Glogowski-poland-2This place is strange. Everywhere you can see traces from a village. You could see roads in squares, building grounds and fruit trees – But no houses! What’s happened?abandoned-church-Wroblin-Glogowski-poland-3

The former village Wróblin Głogowski (In German: Fröbel) is located in the Głogów region in south-eastern Poland. Close to the village is Huta Miedzi Głogów, which is a big copper smelting plant. Due to the environmental pollution from the plant, the village was doomed. All houses except one were destroyed. Today one family still lives here, but the village doesn’t officially exist anymore.


Old street sign.

Their neighbors had severe diseases, lead poisoning, and other health issues. Farm products from the area were no good idea to eat. In the 1990s, the families in Wróblin Głogowski and three other villages were deported.

The smelting plant was ready in 1977, so the impact on nature was quickly discovered.abandoned-church-Wroblin-Glogowski-poland-5

Left was one house, a railway station, a memorial from the second world war and a beautiful little church.abandoned-church-Wroblin-Glogowski-poland-6

The church Saint Helena is built in 1810 from bricks. In 1964 the church was renovated by the villagers.abandoned-church-Wroblin-Glogowski-poland-7

Why the now abandoned church was spared, is out of my knowledge. Nowadays the interior is a thriving house for the wildlife. Once inside, you will be greeted by butterflies, spiders, and frogs.abandoned-church-Wroblin-Glogowski-poland-8

Poland has many beautiful abandoned churches and Saint Helen (or sw. Heleny in Polish) is one of them.

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