In the picturesque town of Kotor, has since over 10 years an abandoned hotel been seen by the hordes of tourists. Why is it an abandoned hotel in Kotor and how does it look today?



Kotor is one of Montenegro’s most visited place and the tourists increase for every year. Kotor’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the whole town is really stunning except one place – Hotel Fjord.hotel-fjord-kotor-3

The road signs still point the direction towards Hotel Fjord. The hotel was once one of the most luxurious hotels in Montenegro and was open for 19 years (opened in 1986).hotel-fjord-kotor-4

The building is made of lot’s of concrete and should be designed by the Bosnian architect Zlatko Ugljen. After the end of the Balkan war, the tourist industry was declining. Hotel Fjord was able to continue the business a few years into the new millennium.hotel-fjord-kotor-5

Why is Hotel Fjord abandoned?

There are several rumors on the Internet about why this modern ruin still standing. I’m sure there are pretty many investors ready to invest and build if it was possible. But it isn’t…hotel-fjord-kotor-6

These are the two reasons I found:

  • It’s since 2013 owned by an Irish investor, but he faced criminal charges and is now gone.
  • The owner until 2005 was an infamous mafioso who was shot in the head and died. His widow inherited the hotel facility but she doesn’t care about it. She probably nevertheless has enough money. This story is told by the locals and could not be found on the Internet what I have seen.


Is the Hotel Fjord worth a visit?

Abandoned 2005 (or maybe 2006), the ruin is still an interesting place. Now, 2018, not much of the interior is left and vandals have made their way through the building.hotel-fjord-kotor-8

It’s a piece of a cake to gain access and the building is quite large. When the hotel was opened, 155 rooms were available with facilities such as swimming pool and restaurant. When you enter Hotel Fjord, everything is calm and is a nice break from the tourist-crowded city center of Kotor.hotel-fjord-kotor-9

From the hotel, you also get some of the best views of the amazing Kotor bay and the surrounding mountains.